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First Steps

So here we have the desire to learn riding a horse, this great sport that sooner or later fascinates you and gives you no respite.. You only need to know how to get on the horse, feel calm, confident, in order to enjoy this kind of excitement that you only can describe by living it.

As it is never too late for approaching this wonderful sport, we have a range of facilities that easily introduce adult and children to its very first steps.

Classes foresee good theoretical and practical work: first you learn how to take care of the horse and its harness, then you proceed getting on the horse and going in the field in order to learn how to manage and maintain the pace, manage your posture at best, go to trot.

Each rider will make his/her own progress while the instructor will be determining the progression of the lessons.

From the very start you will be feeling the great potential of this amazing sport.


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