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Holidays learning the English language

Our proposals are in fact a sort of an investment being that they are useful, entertaining and interesting; horse riding and the study of the English language have the same importance. In this sense the day is fully and well organized in order to have the best from the hours of activity by engaging children to both study and fun.

Also, these centers are always full of students who come from overseas and from all over Europe, and this is a further inducement for Italian children/students to engage this experience.

All classes (English,horse riding, etc) are held in the centers (according to the various levels), so that the daily routine takes place within the same sporting/tourist facilities.

We are talking about a very nice experience that can be a reward for those children who studied well, a boost for lazy kids, a stimulus for those who get bored.

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Carrowmore in Sligo for teenagers

It’s success and popularity among guests and local riders alike is due to the excellent facilities ...


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