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Co Cork for teenagers

The place:

The Center is located in County Cork, in the heart of Irish countryside, within the beautiful Blackwater Valley. It is open all the year round and is a perfect place to go horse-riding and hunting during off season as well.

Here they welcome students of any age and offers the unique opportunity to combine the study of the English language with the pleasure of horse-riding.


The accommodation area, approved by the Fàilte Ireland, is located in the Courtyard. Here there are rooms equipped with bunk beds, private bathrooms, and a large kitchen where students have breakfast, lunch and dinner all together.

The rooms accommodate unaccompanied minors, who stay under the supervision of tutors looking after meals, cleaning, and general issues. The owners live within a few metres from the Courtyard, and look after any detail of their stay, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Parents who would like to accompany their kids during summer holidays, can reserve an accommodation in a Guest House in the vicinity.

Kids accommodations are situated in the Courtyard, and consists in rooms with 2, 4 or 6 beds, some of which have private bathrooms, others shared bathrooms in the corridor. Kids have full board, under the supervision of adults, and enjoy a familiar atmosphere.

At kids disposal there is a large dining room with kitchen, TV and VCR, and a ping-pong table. Next to the horse stables there is a tennis court, and it is also possible to enjoy long walks in the estate, across the famous and wonderful Blackwater Valley.

Kids must bring their own sleeping bag and towels. A laundry service is provided for the most essential pieces of clothing. Occasionally, it can be arranged an evening out in Mallow, to do some shopping, go to the cinema, the swimming pool, or to Cork for a horse race.

Horse riding:

An area of 100 acres that includes a Cross Country course with 30 obstacles, outdoor course, indoor course, and thousands of trails across the famous and wonderful Blackwater Valley.

The Center, which has excellent horses and ponies, is approved by the Fàilte Ireland (the Irish Tourist Board) and by the Ministry of Education. The owner, Mr William O'Callaghan, is member of A.I.R.E. (Approved Irish Riding Establishments), and EHI (Equestrian Holidays Ireland).

The Center has about 30 ponies, some racehorses and broodmares. There is also a Cross Country course, with 30 obstacles, spanning an area of 100 acres. Besides learning and going horse-riding, you can also participate to indoor or outdoor stable management lessons.

English lessons:

Teachers are graduated from TEFL (Training English as a Foreign Language) approved by the Department of Education and Science and adopts modern methods of teaching with updated materials, helping students to improve their knowledge of the English language considerably.

Lessons are held in a didactic room of the Courtyard, from where students can easily join their friends and at the end of the lessons and go horse-riding all together.

The school is approved by AIRE and EHI. Lessons are held by experienced instructors, who take into account the students' different levels of knowledge of the language, and work on this basis to make them go one step forward in the English learning. Lessons consist in 15 hours per week

The Center welcomes people of many different countries to give everybody the opportunity to really feel abroad, and make progresses in the English language and in the horse-riding at the same time.

During winter, adults who want to study English and go horse-riding, hunting, or try the Cross Country course, are welcomed in the school.


The Center welcomes students of any age and nationalities, helping people of different cultures to make friends and study the English language together. In summer, the average age of students goes from 10 to 18, and they mainly come from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland.

How to get to the centre:

Cork Airport, otherwise Shannon or Kerry, but also Dublin Airport. .

Other activities:

Sports lovers can use the tennis court and go fishing the Blackwater river, that flows across the estate, or ask to arrange a day's hunting with local clubs, that offer the atmosphere of the good old times.

Local Transfers:

Transfers from and to the airport of Cork or the train station of Ringaskiddy are included in the prices for kids.

A typical day includes:

9 a.m. Breakfast

10 a.m. Start of daily activities, either horse-riding or English lesson, until lunch time.

1 p.m. One hour and half break to relax

3 p.m. Back to activities, either English lessons or horse-riding, started in the morning.

6 p.m. End of activities, spare time to rest, have a shower and get changed, do some homework.

8 p.m. Dinner. After dinner, under the supervision of tutors, kids can enjoy themselves playing tennis and table tennis, walking across the estate, playing cards or watching some videos.

It is also possible to arrange some evenings out and go to the McDonald's restaurant, the cinema, a local event or horse-riding race, the swimming pool of Mallow.

Kids are not allowed to go out the Center without tutors at any time.


One excursion is usually arranged for each session, and can be a trip to Cork City, the famous Blarney Stone or the Bunratty Castle.


Session n 1: from July 01 to 15

Session n 2: from  July 15 to 29

Session n 3: from August 05 to 19

Session n 4 : from August 19 to Septermber 02

All sessions start on Sunday and finish on Saturday. Kids coming by car are kindly requested to arrive after 6 p.m. and depart before 11 a.m.

Facilities for those who come 1 day earlier or later.

The price includes::

- return transers from Cork Airport
- Summer courses of 14 nights
• Horse-riding and English lessons, from Satruday to Saturday,
• Sleeping accommodations and all meals
• Rooms with bunk beds and bathroom
• 15 hours of horse-riding, horse care, work in the stable per week
• 15 hours of English lessons per week
• 1 excursion per stay
• Laundry service of essential pieces of clothes and linens
• Night activities
• Grammar and exercise book

Price for any Summer Session of 13 nights: € 1.750,00

What do you have to bring?
Cap, boots, riding breeches, gloves, body protector (recommended), E111 travel document or equivalent, medical and baggage insurance (included in the price), exercise book, pencils, pens, sleeping bag, tennis racket (optional) raincoat, mobile phone, wallet.

The fee do not include:

- Admission fee (compulsory) of € 40, including accident, medical and baggage insurance, and home delivery of travel documents
- Flights from and to your Country, (upon request, we can book your tickets at the best available price)


- Any extra night on full board basis at € 65

Each way transfer from / to following airports:
- From/to Cork airport, € 50,00 per person
- From/to Dublin,Shannon or Kerry airports, € 100,00 per person

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Co Cork for teenagers

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